Cisco Network Certification: Which is Right For Your Company?

The IT industry is ever-changing and as network systems become more advanced, your company will need IT specialists to manage them. To properly prepare them, you will want to make sure the certifications your employees receive fit the needs of your company. How do you make sure the Cisco training you're sending your employees to is the right for your company?

Identifying Your Company’s Needs

Every company has its requirements when it comes to the internet and telecommunications. Whether you are running an enterprise resource management system or have custom applications designed to run on an internet infrastructure, determining the needs of your company is always a challenging process.

In most cases, business owners rely on IT professionals or outsourced consultants to help them get the most appropriate networks for their operation. This process works in some cases while in others, it doesn’t. The network infrastructure that is sufficient for your company should incorporate both short-term and long-term growth projections as well as your vision.

Once you have an idea of the network to install, you will be in a better position to determine the Cisco Network Certification that is right for your company. The following are the available certifications in Cisco and the expertise of IT professionals who possess them.

Types of IT Certifications Available

  • Entry Level – A Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) is the most basic certification in Cisco. CCENT certified staff is mostly employed as entry-level network support technicians who install, manage, and troubleshoot small enterprise networks as well as conduct basic network security. Cisco Certified Technicians (CCT) have the skills to install, diagnose, repair, and replace Cisco networking devices.
  • Associate Level –A Cisco Certified Network Associate certification covers skills that are necessary for administering devices on the small and medium networks. Individuals holding a CCNA and CCDA certification can design, install, and manage switched or routed networks of LANs, WANs, as well as broadband devices.
  • Professional Level –A Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is awarded as validation to the ability to plan, implement, verify, as well as troubleshoot both LAN and WAN. Professionals in this field can deploy and manage networks with 100 – 500 devices. One must have a CCNA first to be eligible for a CCNP.
  • Expert Level – A Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification is one of the highest certifications in Cisco. Specialists at this level can also possess a CCDE certification. These certifications are recognized as the most advanced in IT technically and professionals who are trained in this field command some of the highest salaried certifications in IT salary surveys.
  • Architect Level – A Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) certification is the highest in Cisco. It validates IT professionals with the ability to support very complex networks found in global organizations. These experts can effectively translate your business strategies into technical strategies.

Determining The Cisco Certification That is Right for Your Company

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be well supported with IT staff certified in Professional Level. A mixture of entry level to professional level certifications on the team will create a workforce that can be easily assigned to specific tasks to enhance specialization hence efficiency. While the Professional Level technicians will be dealing with your WAN as well as connected peripherals, the Associate Level and Entry Level Technicians are prepared to support in-house network connectivity. Network security is the primary reason for hiring Cisco certified professionals. The IT experts you choose should be proficient in their work too for you to have a competent staff.

How You Can Benefit from Infotec Training

If you have an in-house IT staff that you would like to train further to improve their skills in Cisco, Infotec offers all of the above certifications. With a range of dynamic and intensive courses taught by Cisco Certified tutors, your IT staff can benefit from Infotec's experienced instructors. The lessons are properly structured, with all aspects of the Cisco certification covered. For more information and to see what's the right step for your company, contact Infotec today!


 Which is Right For Your Company?

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