Certified Wireless Security Professional Certification: Are Your Employees Ready?

Can your employees assess the vulnerability of networks and help you to prevent potential attacks even before they happen? Can they perform a WLAN security audit and apply compliance monitoring solutions? Are they experienced in setting up WISPS (Wireless Intrusions Prevention Systems)?

Today, professionals in the wireless network require a deep understanding of the newest trends and technologies, software, and tools. The security professionals are also responsible for providing advice on important security policies such as password and configuring networks Security Design and Architecture. Because wireless networking is now the best LAN solution, prepare your employees by scheduling for Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) training.

Training your staff is important for some specific tasks related to your business. Sometimes you may require your new employees to undertake courses in some key areas. Just as Benjamin Franklin said, “investing in knowledge always pays with the best interest.”

Investing in employee training that will develop them towards your long-term career goals will promote employee job satisfaction. Researchers have discovered that satisfied employees are likely to be more productive and stay longer. Many companies have discovered that helping employees to obtain certification or to simply enhance their skill sets can benefit both the employer and employee.

Cost of Turnover

In a recent survey, it was discovered that over 40 percent of employees that receive poor or no training leave their jobs within the first year. The main reason is the lack of development and skills training. Therefore, as an employer, it’s important to consider the turnover cost. When workers leave your business, productivity slips and sales decline. This means that the remaining workers will have to work more hours. To replace a single employee can be more expensive; you have to screen and interview each applicant. After hiring an employee, you’ll also have to train them. Staff turnover costs can easily add up to thousands of dollars depending on the position.

A recent research conducted by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicated that the dwindling IT budgets haven’t affected the value in training employees. This explains why more and more business managers have discovered that developing the necessary IT skills for employees is effective in the success of any business. However, the confidence in certification over the last few years has skyrocketed. Today, well-prepared employees can adapt more quickly to workplace tech upgrades.

Employee Training

There are plenty of professional development options. Although classroom training has been used for a long time to educate employees, today there are other on-demand and virtual choices that can help professionals further their skills wherever they choose. However, when it comes to certification training, business owners’ opinions have changed over the last six years. They now know that the value of a certified employee is greater than the certification expense. Certified employees in CWSP have a financial payoff that is nearly 11.7 percent more or $8,400 more than noncertified employees. This means that the difference between noncertified and certified employees is $9,201.

Doing More with Less has Led to Skill Gaps

Over, two-thirds of employers have reported a shortage of skills from their employees. This number has continued to rise from previous years. With the rising skill gaps, adding newly learned techniques and tools is vital to the efficiency of your business.

Today, managers are often requested to do more with less. Therefore, training is more important than ever. Skill gaps have already caused you major headaches, especially if you have to deal with resulting consequences such as delayed deployments, missed objectives, and increased employee stress. The best way to increase team performance is by establishing a culture of regularly training your employees.

Employee Training is Out There, Take Advantage!

The value of having certified and skilled team members is too great to ignore. Certifications have been found to pay off in terms of value to businesses and employee salary. The value is evident, and it’s up to you to remain resourceful in how you schedule training. Whether internal or external, formal or informal, employee development is vital to maximize careers, eliminate workplace shortages and to drive the business forward.

There is no doubt that training is an important part of any business’ operational success. If you are ready to enhance the skills of your employees and achieve your business goals, contact Infotec for the training your workforce needs to stand out.

Certified Wireless Security Professional Certification: Are Your Employees Ready?

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