Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certification: Worth It?

When you're thinking about what certifications to send your employees for, it can be difficult to know if a certain one is truly worth it for this particular person in your individual company. Let's take a look at the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Certification and see if it's right for your employee and your company.

What’s This CWNA?

CWNA stands for Certified Wireless Network Administrator, and that tells you that whoever undertakes this is an expert in all matters Wi-Fi. It’s one of the certifications offered under the CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professional) certification program.

In fact, CWNA is a course for network administrators to get exposure to various aspects of the wireless network technology and its pertinent functionalities. The training encompasses the administration and security of Wi-Fi networks in an organization. If you get certified with a CWNA, your certificate is valid for up 3 years, after which you’ve to retake the test for recertification.

When it comes to training for the test, there are a great deal of topics to be covered. Here's what a CWNA training program will focus on:

  • Troubleshooting procedures for wireless LAN security
  • RF (Radio Frequency) technologies
  • Conducting site surveys
  • Design, installation and management of new networks
  • Understanding antenna aspects
  • The 802.11 networking system
  • The software and hardware involved in a wireless LAN
  • Organizations and standards regarding wireless networks

Why Would An Employer Want Their Employee To Become CWNA Certified?

Every employer wants to boast the best professionals under their wing, and that includes excellent wireless network administrators. Sometimes, it can be an employer’s idea for an employee to undertake a CWNA certification program. Here are some scenarios to ponder:

  • An employer may be planning to roll out a new, more complex network system that needs an administrator with serious skills in network management and security. In that case, the employee may acquire a CWNA certification at the behest of the employer to level their skills to the presented challenge.
  • If an employer decides to promote an employee to a higher position of authority and management, they may be inclined to ensure that the employee in a position to handle the task at hand.
  • An employer who plans to keep a talented employee around for long-term would want to look out to their interests too, and what better way than to help them further their knowledge?

Agreeably, it’s safe to opine that CWNA is worth every struggle and penny spent on it, and it remains a much sought-after certification in the networking industry. Employers wanting workers to have validated skills would be wise to encourage certification.

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Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certification: Worth It?

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