CCNA Certification Requirements for Service Provider Certification

Workplaces are in dire need of skilled IT professionals who can help in troubleshooting problems within carrier-class NGN network infrastructures, and this has made the CCNA SP (Cisco Certified Network Associate Service Provider) a highly desirable certification. This certification is among the more mature technology tracks offered by Cisco.

The current certification levels have been consistent for many years, and this stability is the main reason why the track hasn’t been outdated. Because the certification serves a niche market, the Service Provider certification can propel your business into a major ISP or another large enterprise.

Requirements to Earn the CCNA Service Provider Certification

There are no specific prerequisites to earn the CCNA SP; however, just like other CISCO professional level certifications, there are some prerequisites: Your employees should hold a valid CCIP certification, any active CCIE or CCNA SP certification. Cisco also considers CCNA Cloud an entry-level certification, but if they are an SP professional working with internet providers, telecom, and cable, their on-the-job experience will provide the necessary foundation to pursue a Service Provider certification.

The Exams You Should Pass to Become a Certified CCNA Service Provider

There are two exams that your workers must pass 640-875 SPNGN1 and 640-878 SPNGN2. Both exams are standard and computer-based, and they can choose to start with any exam. Each employee will have up to 90 minutes to answer 65 to 75 single and multiple-choice questions, and also resolve some flash-based simulations. Although the Cisco website doesn’t avail the passing score, they are expected to score between 70 to 80 percent. Some of the topics tested include:

  • Connectivity technologies
  • IP fundamentals
  • Advanced LAN switching
  • LAN switching and IP routing
  • Translating both ACL and IP address
  • Network management and security
  • Internal SP traffic forwarding and routing
  • Construction of service provider networks

Why is the CCNA Service Provider Certification Important in Your Business?

Immersive: The CCNA Service Provider course has an immersive environment which will enable your employees to understand the core principles and also equip they with suitable knowledge to help your business excel in this field.

Intensive: Apart from providing workers with an immersive experience, the CCNA Service Provider certification course will also help them master the techniques they learn.

Hands-on: The course involves software simulations as well as theories and hands-on work. This will help your IT employees to understand the concepts and equip them with working knowledge.

How the CCNA Service Provider Certification can benefit Your Company

The CCNA SP certification is an associate level certification that certifies the ability of your network engineers to configure and also manage baseline Cisco Service Provider Next-Generation Networks. If your employees have this certification, then they are well equipped to work in complex and sophisticated network service provider setups. This course is often meant for professionals who want to pursue the job role of service provider network technicians, service provider network engineer, support technician, field engineers, service provider system engineers and service provider network designers.

If you’re planning to earn your Service Provider certification, this is the perfect time to take the next step in your career. The CCNA SP is the first step in becoming a Service Provider expert within the IT industry. The need for talented IT professionals who can manage Service Provider networks is expected to grow as more and more businesses depend on service providers. Take the first step towards your employee's CCNA SP by connecting with Infotec today.

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