Are VMWare Certifications Worth it For my Business?

The nature of small businesses and how workplaces operate is changing everywhere. At the heart of these changes invariably lies the changing nature of digital needs and possibilities. If your business requires more than five computers, laptops, or similar tech devices, then having one or more of your employees obtain a VMWare certification can be a huge boon to your business.

The Basics of Virtualization & VMWare

In any business environment that relies on computers for any aspect of normal business operations, any issue with that computer can result in costly productivity loss. For example, downtime while a computer and/or its programs refreshes or updates invariably results in an employee who is unable to complete their necessary tasks, thereby putting them and perhaps the whole business at a loss output. The solution for this is desktop and server virtualization via software like VMWare.

Here's a look at just a few of the issues that can be resolved with VMWare virtualization:

  • You have 100 Windows-operating workstations and want to add or update your current accounting software. Without VMWare, each workstation would have to be configured individually, but with VMWare, one workstation update enables all workstations to be updated.
  • If a workstation fails and requires a computer replacement, without VMWare your technician will need to completely rebuild the user's profile, reinstall their applications, and perform other necessary configuration work to properly restore the employee's desktop. This means hours, maybe even days, of production lost by the employee whose computer was lost as well as the technician who must manually rebuild their workstation environment. However, with VMWare virtualization software, all of that information has been stored and can be immediately recreated on a new computer for minimal time and production loss.
  • Some employees may need to utilize a variety of devices each with different platforms other than their workstation desktop computer. For example, a user might use the standard Windows PC at work but also does remote at-home work via a MacBook Pro and off-location work via an iPad. These three platforms aren't inherently compatible but with VMWare virtualization, the user's desktop can be made compatible and accessible from any device.

All of the above problems are resolved with a virtualization program like VMWare as its aim is to move user desktop environments from the physical user computer to a central host computer. VDI technology is then utilized so that a user can access their specific desktop environment from any device likewise compatible with VDI technology.

Choosing VMWare and VMWare Certification for Your Business and Employees

VMWare certainly isn't the only company active in the virtualization industry, but it is the verifiable market leader with a comprehensive certification program that is recognized throughout the industry. Additionally, VMWare doesn't just come in a one-size-fits-all certification package, but rather there are a variety of levels that you and your employees can apply for. This is key for the business that needs users who are both fluent and those that understand basics.

For example, if you want a number of employees to simply garner a familiarity with this technology, then there is an available low-level certification that is ideal for those employees who you need to be able to speak intelligently about the technology and understand how it operates. Then for those IT employees who your business needs to be completely fluent and capable in VMWare there is the VMWare Certified Design Expert (VCDX) which qualifies the certificate graduate for more enterprise-level design and implementation of virtual networks.

A complete breakdown of the VMWare certifications involve four categories:

  • Cloud Automation and Management
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Desktop & Mobility Processes
  • Network Virtualization

Then, in each of these categories, VMWare offers a certification program at the following certification levels:

  • VMWare Certified Associate
  • VMWare Certified Professional
  • VMWare Certified Advanced Professional
  • VMWare Certified Implementation Expert
  • VMWare Certified Design Expert

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