Are Coding Bootcamps Worth it for Businesses?

No matter the size of your business, training programs are essential. Both small businesses and big business alike have to allocate resources to the right training programs. One program that can be beneficial in more ways than one is a coding bootcamp. Let’s learn more about this valuable resource and why it's a good investment in your employees and company.

What Are Coding Bootcamps?

The first image that comes to mind when it comes to the words extreme bootcamp is a group of people being pushed to their physical limits to complete an obstacle course or other rigorous exercises. An extreme coding bootcamp isn't going to require your employees to drop and give the instructor 20 push-ups, but it will be testing their knowledge and skills while working to improve them.

A coding bootcamp involves a close working environment for your employees where they are trained intensively and prepared for a certification at the end of the bootcamp. Remember that your staff will be bonding throughout this experience as well as learning.

Why Are They a Benefit to Businesses Who Want to Train Their IT Staff Together?

Your business can benefit from sending your IT staff to train together at a coding bootcamp. When you send one employee to training, you can have the confidence that they'll have the opportunity to improve their skills, but only that employee will be in this position.

While they could help catch your other IT employees up to speed on what they learned, they won't be able to give them a full detailed curriculum of what as covered. This summary could be helpful, but nowhere near as beneficial as your entire staff being trained during the bootcamp. You can have the confidence that they are all on the same page.

What Are Some of the Team Building Benefits for Workers Who Take Bootcamps Together?

Coding bootcamps can offer more to a business than just getting your employees trained on a particular topic. It offers an option for employees to bond in a shared experience. They are able to work on team building skills that will help them work better in the workplace. Rather than remaining individuals in the workplace, it helps them to form more of a community and look at each other as teammates.

Each worker can often assist in shoring up where their fellow peers may be lacking in their knowledge and skills, so they are able to better to cover any deficiencies. Going through a bootcamp together can help them in being able to open up to others in their department and ask questions when they find themselves stuck.

Why Is Cybersecurity IT Training Important?

Every business has seen the headlines. It seems almost commonplace that businesses, non-profits, even hospitals are being hacked. IT training, especially training related to cybersecurity, is vital for businesses of any size. Most big businesses are aware of the pitfalls of experiencing a hacking event and are working diligently to prevent themselves from becoming the next big headline. They include training in their budget and can benefit from sending their employees to coding bootcamps.

Small businesses, on the other hand, may have a harder time justifying their efforts in this manner, but the cost can be very detrimental. In fact, experts believe that small businesses are becoming the target of hackers because of weaker online security. In some cases, these small businesses are without protection due to the weakness of security being on their part when the bank and other business partners are able to prove the breach wasn't on their end. IT training has never been more important for a small business.

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