Advanced Outlook 2016 Training: Are Your Employees Ready?

Microsoft Outlook sets the standard for work and personal email communications. With the 2016 version, Microsoft has introduced new features that make sharing, communicating, and organizing information easier and faster. These new functions enhance collaboration and increase productivity. Are your employees ready to take full advantage?

Gauging Readiness

Like all Microsoft Office programs, Outlook is simple to use. For those who are familiar with computers, it doesn’t take any training to send, receive, and view email messages and attachments. However, the program offers a variety of functions that many may not be aware of or simply don’t know how to use properly. Outlook 2016 has been designed to encourage teamwork and creativity.

  • Attached files are automatically converted to a private link that can be downloaded onto the recipients’ computer.
  • Sent documents can be customized to allow editing or as a local file.
  • Integration with other Microsoft Office products allows sharing and viewing with a button click.
  • Office Groups allow users to get rid of difficult-to-manage distribution lists and confusing email chains. Group members can access a shared inbox, calendar, OneNote documents, and other files from their Outlook interface.
  • Skype integration gives employees the power to make internet voice or video calls, share real-time screenshots, and send instant messages without additional programs.
  • Drag and drop attachments for instant download.
  • Customizable audio alerts let users know when important documents are received or changes are made.

If your team struggles with group projects, deadlines, or interdepartmental communications, these features can help them work smarter and increase output without increasing their workload. Formal training will supplement your team’s basic knowledge of Outlook and allow them to achieve more with less time investment.

Advantages of Advanced Training

Even if your employees have used Outlook for years, formal training can boost their ability to use the program’s features for maximum productivity.

  • Set appointments and schedule meetings with multiple participants.
  • Organize email messages by subject, sender, and other useful categories.
  • Create, manage, and distribute task requests.
  • Change view settings for increased output.
  • Manage contacts and group lists.
  • Create rules to deliver inbox messages to specific folders.
  • Categorize activities to simplify prioritizing tasks.

Advanced Outlook training makes a variety of everyday responsibilities faster and easier. By learning when and how to use these features, your employees will be more efficient with less time and effort.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Stress

Advanced Outlook training will make your workplace run more smoothly by increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing stress.

  • Learning how to use features like mail merge can decrease processing time by up to 80%.
  • Being able to work with others electronically can increase productivity by up to 46%.
  • Automatic reminders and alerts decrease the likelihood of missed meetings, events, and other engagements that can throw schedules off track.
  • Instant electronic communication keeps employees at their desks and on-task when they need questions answered.
  • The ability to send requests for information or assistance to multiple people increases the chances of a workable answer and decreases employee irritation.

According to Forbes Magazine, a leader in business information, high levels of stress in the workplace leads to disengagement, disinterest, and lower quality output. A lack of clarity about processes, projects, and other responsibilities negatively impacts billable hours and your employees’ sense of fulfillment during work hours. The advanced features in Microsoft Outlook simplify communications and eliminate costly frustration and confusion.

Are you ready to help your employees collaborate more efficiently? Infotec offers an Outlook Advanced 2016 training course that will increase their ability to understand and use the program features in just one session. This instructor-led training provides practical information, hands-on learning opportunities, and expert feedback for each individual. Visit our website or give us a call today for more information on course availability.

Advanced Outlook 2016 Training: Are Your Employees Ready?

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