A+ Certification Test: How Do I Make Sure my Employees Pass?

A+ certification qualifies IT workers for important technical and operational roles in organizations that rely on computer networks. According to CompTIA, over 2 million certifications have been issued to IT employees across the world.

The qualifying exam is dense in technical and theoretical knowledge. Preparing takes time, dedication, and a sophisticated guide. Many aspiring tech workers use a combination of books, web sites, and personal practice to get ready for the test. Others choose a formal training program to obtain the skills and knowledge they need to pass.

How does self-study differ from a formal training course? How do formal training programs benefit employees and their employers? What are some of the benefits of having A+ certified tech workers in your organization?

Self-Study vs. Formal Training

When preparing for an A+ certification test, learners can choose to teach themselves the necessary skills and knowledge. However, instructor-led training sessions offer a number of advantages over this method.

  • Some learners believe doing it on their own will save them money. However, the cost of retesting after an unsuccessful attempt, study time investments, and the price of books and self-guided software can quickly add up to much more than a formal training class.
  • Experienced instructors know what information is vital for successful testing. Learners can spend hours studying hard only to miss important points that are required for the test. A formal training program ensures learners are fully prepared with the right information.
  • Finding the right resources can be a costly venture. For those with limited funds, libraries and used book stores are their first stop. However, these outlets may only have outdated materials with irrelevant information. Formal study ensures learners get the most current information.
  • Self-motivation isn't always a trustworthy thing. When life events like illness, accidents, or inconveniences get in the way, it's easy to lose focus on studies. Many push their self-study to the side in favor of more immediate activities. Attending a formal training keeps learners on the right path to success.
  • Training is about far more than the test. The purpose of certification training is to enhance existing technical skills and expand the learner's abilities. Self-directed study may be sufficient preparation for testing but can lack essential information needed in everyday work.

Formal training is the best foundation for an IT career.

Benefits of Formal Training for Employers and Employees

When compared to self-directed studies, formal training programs offer a number of benefits for employers and their employees.

  • Employees enjoy more career options. With their credentials, employees can earn their chance at internal positions with more responsibilities.
  • Internal security is improved. With certified employees, business operators don't have to hire outside technicians, which puts their proprietary data at risk.
  • Training is more applicable to a specific line of business. A formal training allows employers to focus the curriculum on the skills most needed in their industry.
  • Employees don't have to sacrifice personal time. Formal training done during business hours prevents workers from spending their time off on work-related issues.

A formal study program maximizes results for employers and their employees.

Benefits of Having A+ Certified Staff

Why would an employer want to have their IT staff certified?

  • More internal capabilities. As the needs of your business change, your computer networks may need to change as well. With a certified staff, you are in a better position to create a customized network that uniquely fits your goals and resources.
  • Protect profits. The longer your networks are down, the less money you make. Instead of waiting for outside technicians to come to the rescue, your in-house staff can handle many problems with no wait.
  • Improve functionality. Having a certified staff allows you to continuously monitor and adjust your networks for functionality and increased efficiency, which means higher productivity.

A+ certification is a smart move for businesses and their employees. Infotec offers a variety of CompTIA certifications, including the CompTIA A+ certification course. This instructor-led training validates skills in installation, networking, troubleshooting, communication, and more while preparing learners to successfully complete the certification exam.

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