Storing and Sharing Documents Efficiently and Securely

From strategic business planning, empowering employees to confidently contribute to team projects, and inspiring collaboration, to storing and sharing confidential documents easily and safely, it’s no surprise that SharePoint is Microsoft’s best-selling web application platform for companies striving to streamline, access, and utilize their data better.

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Server Virtualization Small Business

Server virtualization is a tangible, physical infrastructure in a local environment where multiple servers are able to operate on the same one machine, or hardware. As a result, this now one, single host server controls access to all resources and multiple servers located on it. Many businesses who invest in virtualization to store, access, and secure the majority of their data also embrace the use of cloud computing to maximize the IT services it provides. Unlike virtualization, cloud computing is an intangible product ~ a service; it remotely controls and interacts with all the applications and data stored on your server. As a System's Administrator or other IT personnel at your company, you are the expert your staff, colleagues, and stakeholders defer to when problems arise. Here’s some things to consider when considering implementing server virtualization at your company...

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Are Technical Certifications Worth it?

The experience of acquiring advanced formal training ~ whether through workshops, traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms, conferences, or online courses ~ will always add to your skill sets, your expertise, your proactive problem-solving approaches, and your credentials. Any specialized training that results in earning a certification credential is always worth the investment of your time and money. Individuals who choose to complete certification programs to learn more about their industry, move forward on their career path, and/or strive to become the “go to” experts in their areas of focus will always be able to use that knowledge acquired through that certification process ~ directly or indirectly. Technical certifications, in particular, are not only well worth your investment, but are also often required to secure employment or remain employed in many IT security-related positions.

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