The Top Five Leadership Training Programs for Managers

Managers cannot afford to rest on their laurels. Whether you are looking to prepare rising leaders to a management position - or a C-level executive – it’s critical that you set them up for success by providing them with the necessary leadership training programs. These programs will help to develop and improve the essential skills needed for them to be truly effective managers. Here are five of the most important.

1. Basic Communication

Too many managers rely on their assistants (or Microsoft Word's grammar check) to ensure the emails they send scan clearly. If the manager, like a lot of us, has not taken a grammar class since high school, then a refresher course - including reminders on how to use the various style manuals - is a great idea. Computer-based grammar checks are often wrong and spell check will not help if the real word being used means something else. A grammar refresher will help prevent the occurrence of embarrassing mistakes, or worse, mistakes that will confuse and frustrate employees.

2. Technical Writing

Managers might have somebody assigned to do most of the writing for them, but as a manager, being able to produce clear technical writing without assistance can save time and confusion. Learning how to be a better technical writer can also help them understand the reports that cross their desk without having to ask somebody for help and take them away from their own work. On top of that, sometimes security and confidentiality really does require that the manager write their own report to the boss or the boss's boss. Developing technical writing skills can make these logistical issues easier.

3. Problem Solving

Problem solving is possibly the most important skill for any manager. When their employees cannot solve the problem, they will lean on the manager for direction. The manager must be ready to deal with the sticky issues that cannot be solved immediately. After all, if the problems were easy, then the employees would solve them themselves.

Developing and improving problem solving skills is vital to anyone who chooses to lead. The Harvard Business Review puts "solves problems" as number three of the leadership skills needed for all positions. The only things they put as more important were inspiring others and displaying high integrity.

4. Decision Making

Making decisions is what managers do and is the reason so many are buried in stress and on the edge of burnout. Taking a decision making course that helps managers go back to the basics of why they make their decisions and reminds them that even when the decisions are difficult this is the job they have chosen. This can significantly reduce stress and make it easier for managers to make choices that may appear to cause short-term hurt for long-term gain.

5. Developing Results-Oriented Skills

Number four on the Harvard Business Review list mentioned earlier is "drives for results." A lot of managers do not know how to be results oriented. But this approach is by far the most effective. Driving for results means that a leader stays focused on the goal and does not get sidetracked by less important issues. The skills needed to be more results oriented are specific to industry and the people they will be leading.

Infotec: for all of Your Leadership Needs

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