PenTest+ Objectives: What Should My Employees Know?

Smart employers like yourself understand that cyber security is a top priority if you want to protect your company’s computer information systems from being hacked and potentially crippling your business. That’s why you employ professionals known as ethical hackers who work full time to probe your information systems to identify vulnerabilities, detect intrusions, and apply patches to seal off your data networks from future attacks.

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Information Technology Bootcamp: How to Help Your Employees Learn and Grow

When you hear the word bootcamp, what's the first thing that comes to mind? You probably pictured a military training camp run by strict rules and rigid discipline. That's the real meaning of the word, but lately, it has been applied to short and rigorous training in general.

Nowadays, there are bootcamps for health, leisure, and business. Surely, you've heard of fitness bootcamps, culinary bootcamps, marketing bootcamps, and information technology bootcamps, among many others.

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Fiber Optics Technology for Your Business: Why Certifications Are Important

Certifications are increasingly important in many industries. These days, it's often not enough to have a degree in a particular discipline or industry. A technician may also need to have one or more certifications. Often, certifications are the means by which an employer or manager can demonstrate that a team of technicians is knowledgeable and up to date. A certification shows that your employees have developed competencies in new, emerging technologies or certain skills they need to do a job effectively.

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