Which CompTIA Certification Should I Get First?

Making sure your employees are certificated in CompTIA or Computing Technology Industry Association certification involves them becoming highly proficient in computing and/or network hardware and its effective use. Often, terms such as "ethical hacking" are involved due to the network-intensive nature of the work a CompTIA-certified individual performs. Making sure your employees have these certifications can help build trust with other companies and verify your employees' expertise.

CompTIA A+

The basic exam, CompTIA A+ is about professionalism, troubleshooting problems, installing, and maintaining necessary equipment. This is the first certification you should take, and the first certification to begin your journey into being the ultimate technician. This certification makes you competent enough for the help desk.

CompTIA Server+

Server+ certification helps with more advanced troubleshooting, disaster recovery, best practices and data storage. At this level, you may be taken seriously at conferences because you will have the knowledge necessary to communicate on the full range of technical IT topics local to your area. However, Server+ has not yet gotten into networks and the Internet yet.

CompTIA Security+

So far, you have proven that you how to manage a local area network, equipment, software, and data that is so vital. Now it is time to go beyond managing your area and onto keeping it safe from raiding. How do you identify who is trying to access precious files and then block those with nefarious intentions? How do you encrypt and decrypt files effectively, protect against attacks and then deal with the fallout when an attack eventually breaches your defenses?

CompTIA Security+ is the certification that will ensure you can defend your network against those who would cause harm to it and the business it supports. With Security+ certification, you will be able to handle many aspects of being a full-fledged technician.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials

Now that you have a solid technical foundation, it is time to go beyond that and go into the business side of the IT world. With CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification, you have the ability to think in terms of business information technology. With this verification of your knowledge, you can identify risks and impacts on the business from the cloud and implementing new types of cloud computing measures. Since the cloud is so essential to business, this may be the tipping point to becoming an IT manager.

CompTIA Cloud+

Building on the Cloud Essentials certification, CompTIA Cloud+ ensures that you have the necessary skills to build and maintain a cloud network. Since you understand the cloud at this point, you can now make a location-wide contribution to it and ensure that your company is secure in this operating environment.

CompTIA Linux+

Windows-based infrastructure has its share of limitations and the best technicians understand this. Becoming certified in Linux-based systems expands your repertoire to include a lot of systems with differing makeups, which could also allow you to integrate these types of systems or switch between them when necessary.

CompTIA Mobility+

According to the Pew Research Center, a significant percentage of Americans use the Internet through phones. Because of this shifting type of usage, knowing how smart phone networks operate and being able to facilitate employee and customer use of phones is crucial to being an up-to-date technician. With Mobility+, you demonstrate that you can implement, maintain, and expand on portable device infrastructure.

CompTIA Project+

Being able to understand networks and how to secure them is great, but it is not enough. You also need to be able to plan for and execute changes. Since the IT field is constantly evolving and growing, with new technologies and new threats, Project+ certification qualifies you to take an idea to its completion. A project is only as good as its execution. Project+ is where you demonstrate that you can keep that execution on time, on budget, and relevant to the environment in which you are operating.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

You have proven that you understand numerous types of systems, as well as having the ability to implement them on a business-conscious level. Now it is time to bring this into the C-level by demonstrating how advanced you are at managing risk while advancing an enterprise-level solution to server-wide problems. With CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification, you demonstrate that you have the skills to have the CIO's ear when it comes to solving today's and tomorrow's problems.

Securing Effective Certification

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Which CompTIA Certification Should I Get First?


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