VMware Training for Employee Certifications: Is It Worth it for my Business?

Due to the business environment rapidly adopting virtual desktops, server virtualization is becoming increasingly dominant. As such, a virtualization certificate is not only necessary to today’s IT administrator but is a prerequisite in their profession.

Virtualization serves a variety of purposes. This is because it is a core component of cloud computing and virtualizing servers. Due to the global adoption of cloud technology, a lot of organizations will benefit from the integration of VMware into their systems in addition to training their staff on how to use VMware and receive the necessary certifications. So how does the VMware cloud certification benefit your business?

Ever since the inception of the World Wide Web, the technological realm has not seen a technology that has revolutionized business operations like cloud computing.

Simply put, the premise behind cloud computing is to alter the way people handle and store their data and applications. Instead of relying on network servers and hard drives to store business and personal information, this data is now preserved by a remote host. Get this; you can retrieve, operate on, and send your data from anywhere, using any device, at any time.

What is VMware?

The ‘VM’ initials in VMware stand for Virtual Machines. At a basic level, the VMware is a staging environment that replicates actual physical servers, operating systems, and networks that you have installed at your premises. Thus it runs and serves concurrently to your live system without affecting real-time processes.

VMware, therefore, ensures that any change you apply to it does not negatively affect your physical system. For instance, the virtual machine’s operating system may crash but not affect your live operating system.

The benefit of VMware over a physical setup consisting of routers, switches, servers, and ISP connections is that it is practical, cost-effective, requires little maintenance, and most importantly, gets the job done.

Virtualization will, therefore, involve installing multiple operating systems from one or many servers into a single server. Many businesses can use this singular server and save on costs of investing on their own private server whose processing power is usually severely underutilized.

Why use VMware?

VMware is the leading brand in virtualization technology. It has seen to the development of some of the top tier cloud networking programs of this century. Companies looking to incorporate cloud technology into their systems have to hire IT experts that are pros in VMware. Here is why you need VMware:

  • Reliability. VMware has built-in security features and reliability tools that secure your systems from being targeted and accessed by unauthorized individuals looking to steal or tamper with your data. Additionally, the little downtime required to gain entry into your system ensures you can access your business at any point in time.
  • Easily Manageable. After receiving the correct training, using VMware is a breeze. For instance, you can install applications onto your staff’s PCs via the virtual environment instead of doing it manually. You can also patch and push applications into actual systems without requiring access to a PC. Moreover, you won’t have to manage multiple storage devices that contain company data as all of it will be in one location, the cloud.
  • Hardware Independence. Virtual machines do not depend on specific hardware for their operation. As such, you will not bear the burden of upgrading your systems to meet the VMware specifications. Any system is good to go.
  • Save Costs. In-house machines consume a lot of power. VMware will reduce your energy bill. Moreover, it makes sense to host multiple virtualized machines on one physical device than to purchase multiple physical servers and computers.

Why Your Employees need the VMware Cloud Certification

If your organization is looking to integrate VMware into your systems, your employees will have to get VMware certification to ensure they can utilize the program correctly. Additionally, you will save costs by hiring a VMware certified guru every time you have a slight problem with the program. Training and certification are practical and cost-effective.

The employees that are most suited to learning VMware include:

  • Security Specialists. They will learn the management, securing, and administration of virtual infrastructure.
  • Performance analysts. Learning about VMware will help them track its impact on business metrics.
  • Storage administrators. VMware knowledge is vital for them to learn how to back up the organization’s systems.

Widely regarded as the most reputable virtualization provider in the world, VMware offers knowledge to your employees that help them improve your company’s efficiency.

Do Your Employees Need VMware Training?

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